I  usually don’t like to do a write-up based on one thing…but when it’s this good, it’s worth sharing, so look at this like a teaser trailer. I’ve walking by Casa Mezcal way too many times and it was high time I stopped by. I was with one of my cousin’s and only had time for one drink…which after looking at the drink list and food menu was less then happy about…My cousin went with one of their classic margarita’s which was made with fresh lime juice(not much more I hate then syrupy sweet and sour mix to kill a drink) and tasted great.. I was tempted by many of the specialty cocktails and went with the llano en llamas…which turned out to be one of my favorite cocktails of the year. it’s made up of Mezcal, St Germain,pineapple,Serrano peppers, agave, basil and of course fresh lime juice. While it’s billed as spicy, I found it more smoky then spicy…but delicious nonetheless. It came rimmed with a special avocado salt concoction that really took it to another level. I need to come back and sample more of Casa Mezcal’s variations on the margarita while seeing how their food compares to their drinks…stay tuned for the full length feature…

Casa Mezcal is located at 86 Orchid Street


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