When Pie Face was first opening up I thought it was going to be a Pie shop as in blueberry, strawberry, peach…turns out its a savory and sweet Pie chain out of Oz . I asked a mate of mine from said land down under if they were any good and he said that I would likely be happy if I gave them a try. Now I’m not the biggest fan of fast food, but Pie Face doesn’t fall into that category by any stretch of the imagination. While a chain, the goods are high quality and fresh.

To give the place a go I went with a mini Chicken Thai Curry Mini Pie ($2.50) and the regular sized Chicken and Bacon Sausage roll ($3.95). The mini pie was very good, with a flaky buttery brush and loaded with nice chucks of chicken and packed with flavor. I enjoyed the sausage roll done with the same aforementioned crust as well…but it’s the meat pies I’ll be back for. In addition to the savory pies there are sweet pies, pastries and Lamingtons. Pie Face is a welcome addition to Murray Hill adding some Down Under flavor to the mix…


Pie Face is located at 507A 3rd Avenue and is Take Out only.


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