AperiTIVO Pizza

On our back from a meeting on the east side of Mid-Town my biz partner and I were looking for a new (as neither one of us had been there) spot for lunch. After walking along Third Avenue and not seeing much we came upon AperiTIVO Pizza Bar. We both like pizza, salads to stay healthy lean and mean…and neither one of had had been here. The place is much bigger then I expected, it has 3 levels. It’s also rather good looking for a Pizza “place” with high end looking wood paneling, a nice little marble topped bar up front, walls adorned with large print photography of nature and women, and good looking staff to match.

Great fresh baked brick oven rolls arrived shortly after we were seated. My biz partner started with a Cesar salad that received a big thumbs up(he is a self proclaimed Cesar salad expert…as if I should talk:). I, who never really liked beets as a kid, have become a big fan lately…and AperiTIVO’s Red and golden beet salad with asparagus and goat cheese was good, very fresh and nice sized as well…likely a whole meal for a petite Pilate’s aficionado

For our entree to agreed to share a Large pizza. After intense negotiations(read:you can get whatever you want on your half…as long as it doesn’t touch mine) over toppings  we agreed on sausage(sweet fennel) on all of it and in addition broccoli rabe on my half …as long as it did not touch his…sausage only slices. Needless to say it was a very brick oven pizza with a fair amount of toppings. Add AperiTIVO to your list of Mid-Town spots for a nice causal meal.

IMG_1286 IMG_1289 IMG_1288

AperiTIVO Pizza Bar is located at 780 3rd Avenue


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