This piece was one of my last for NearSay before they changed their format…since then my rocking size 12’s(these are from Oz so you will likely go up or down a size depending on the sneakers cut) Aqua-Teal Volley sneakers came in…and I love them! They are ridiculously comfortable and even laced slip on and off easily. They are perfect for the street, beach or roof(bottoms are non slip with a good grip,thus the footwear of choice for Roofers in Oz).

So…I’m walking down Mulberry Street when I catch out of the corner of my eye the name Mambo on a new store window with sneakers inside and some cool Art…as the info bounces back and forth across my synapses it doesn’t quite register at first…but Mambo sounds familiar. When you first walk into B_Space it’s the wall of Volley Sneakers(Think Oz’s Keds) on the right that first catch your attention. As you look around the store you see Mambo T-Shirts and baseball caps, Driza-Bone Rain Jackets, shoes by Meandher(guys) and Mara & mine (girls),Ellery et Graz sunglasses, Laughing man coffee tea(yes, Wolverine’s coffee and tea) and jewelry by Trufino Jewelry and Urban Boulder. Of course if you get hungry they have Vegemite (no translation here) and Milo (Oz’s Ovaltine).

Throughout the space is some rather striking Art and Photography that will rotate and are available for sale. They include mixed media pieces and skateboards emblazoned with photography of beautiful models. Then it hits me…Mambo is surf gear that I picked up in Oz years ago. That’s why it’s didn’t register when I saw the name and sneakers. Needless to say I picked up the Mambo “Muse” shirt(fingers crossed they carry their board-shorts this summer) and have my eyes on a pair of the Volley’s. B_Space has a friendly accommodating staff and a lot of pretty cool stuff that would make some great gifts and stocking stuffer’s…or a little gift for yourself…

Btw I always knew that “The Land Down Under” stood for Australia…what I didn’t know was that it was slang for British Prison Colony…see you learn something new every day…

B_Space is located at 219C Mulberry Street also operates out of the space…


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