This past weekend I went out to Long Island for some Mommie and Me time, our general routine starts with lunch at one of my favorite LI restaurants Cippolini’s . While I’m generally more of an old school red sauce joint guy when it comes to Italian food…I do enjoy Northern Italian which is more where Cippolini’s fails into…though upscale Italian Brasserie might be more accurate. The food is always excellent, it’s a good looking large space inside with a fairly good looking crowd of .000001%’s. Though I knew few from the area(the clientele is primary locals with many of them regulars), I have run into and joined my Bro’s in-laws, one of my close friends and her family…even kinda started a relationship via text there once…but as usual I digress. My Mom and I come for the excellent food, the pitch perfect service doesn’t hurt either.

Though I’m not usually a creature of habit, Cippolini’s is one if those places of exception. We generally start with either one if the salad specials (usually 3 ie…shrimp, corn, roasted peppers,red onion and arugula , or chicken, greens, beets with goat cheese etc) or  the Risotto speciale del giorno. This day the Risotto special won out …cremini mushrooms, shrimp, and white truffle oil (since my bro loves white truffle oil I sent him a pic while eating it:) While Cippolini’s Risotto is  always delish and one of my fav places to get said dish..this one was exceptional which is saying a lot. From there we went with the same pizza we get just about every time, the brick oven pizza with prosciutto , fontina, and arugula(we always have a couple of slices left which I use the next day for breakfast with sunny side eggs on top).

For desert, though they always look good I go to their Cippolin’s Pronto Caffe right around the corner take out spot and get one of their awesome Brownies(top at home with pistachio gelato for a real special treat)while my Mom goes with their Pignoli cookie. We generally finish up by walking around the stores in the Americana to burn off some calories, check out the Bentleys and Maserati’s in the lot, and do some people watching while trying to keep my AMEX in my wallet…


Cippolini’s is located at 2110 Northern Boulevard, in Manhasset


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