Finally the East Village gets some serious BBQ with Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque. Not quite sure why you can get food from every corner and crevice of the globe…yet until now, with the exception of some places offering some BBQ on their menus this is the first true hardcore real deal BBQ joint. The BBQ is served Texas style in that you order cafeteria style and sit down at primarily community tables.

First you order up your meats by either single portion size on a sandwich or naked ($7-9) or my the pound( $12-20+) There are a number of pickled toppings to choose from  (cucumbers, red onion and chiles) that come gratis. Sides are available in 3 sizes($3-$$11.25) and while some are  traditional such as Burnt End Baked Beans and Slaw…some are less so…ie Edamame and Sweet Pea Salad.

For my meat I choose their Brisket on a sandwich topped with picked chiles and cucumber which worked rather nicely with some squirts of their BBQ sauce. For my side I went with the Burnt End Baked Beans that came with a nice amount of meat mixed in. To wash it down Beers are available by the pint and bottle and they offer a pretty nice selection. My Founders Dirty Bastard from MI went rather well with my Brisket… like a fine chateau with a briand. I can’t wait to try their ribs…naked.

Being a bit of a fan of Pop culture I thought I would share both a song that I love Mighty-Quinn and one of Denzel Washington’s early flicks Mighty Quinn IMDB which was a pretty good as well…

IMG_1311 IMG_1313

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque is located at 103 2nd Avenue


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