As you well know if you left your house today it is sub-Arctic freezing in NYC. After an appointment my biz partner and I needed a place to work and then eat. The Pod Hotel was nearby and between the lounge and Salvation Taco it was the perfect place to stop in grab a cup of coffee($2) to follow-up on projects and then grab some high end Mexican grub at Salvation Taco.I hit Salvation Taco when they first opened up 5 weeks ago and really enjoyed their Steak Taco and Short Rib Torta and have been looking forward to seeing an expanded menu. The new menu is still relatively small, for the most part they added a number of starters. While the Pork Belly Pineapple Salad and Ceviche Verde sounded great…but on a cold day like today the Beef Chile sounded a bit more of what I needed. Salvation Taco serves an authentic bowl (chunks of beef with chiles vs ground with beans) that really hit the spot.I followed it with the Moroccan Lamb Taco (sold out last time I went, $5) was very juicy and delicious. This dish is what happens when cultures mix and meld was served on naan topped with mint, cucumber and a yogurt sauce. To be healthy I also had the Tomatillo and Jicama(with carrots, jalapeno ,cilantro and pumpkin seeds. The President of Sales, Marketing and Operations to be healthy after his Beef Chile had the aforementioned Short Rib Torta. When it arrived the aroma of  the bread tantalized his taste buds while giving a feeling of warmth and comfort on this brutally cold day…

I took a quick look at the dinner menu, which has a few more starters, 7 vs 3 tacos and a special called the Jacobs Ladder(no description on the menu…further investigation required).

IMG_1334 IMG_1333

Salvation Taco is located at 145 W.39th Street


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