Menkui Tei: Kurogoma Tan Tan

I was in the mood for a big bowl of soup…but something out of the ordinary. So after a biz meeting I popped on the bus and got off in the East Village. I headed over to the area I call little Japan(more or less 9th Street on the East side turning into Stuyvesant Street) and checked out the various menu’s. The one thing I found most odd was how pricey most of these (there are a number of exceptions) places were…Midtown prices and higher. Then I came upon Menkui Tei. They had a large variety of noodle soups and some daily specials…but it was their monthly special the Kurogoma Tan Tan (Black sesame broth with ground pork topped with scallion for $10) that piqued my curiosity.

I started out with a Rice Ball with Bonito flakes(also comes in cod roe, salmon etc $1.75) and was drinking my tea when the bowl arrived at my table. Now looking at…it didn’t exactly look the most appetizing (I suspect the scallions are there more for show then flavor) but wow did it taste good! I’m not exactly the guy who eats the same ham and cheese sandwich everyday but even with my variety of eating I don’t taste something that different and good so often. Plus the bowl was loaded with noodles vs broth which made it rather filling in a satisfying way. Menkui Tei has a nice sized selection of lunch items along with of daily lunch specials in the $8-12 range to choose from. I bring this up because now for the bad news…today’s the 30th of January…the Kurogoma is their monthly special which ends tomorrow the 31th…so get it while its hot…so to speak

Menkui Tei is located at 63 Cooper Square


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