Panya's Chocolate Banana Croissants

After my lunch around the corner I was craving something sweet and maybe a cup of coffee. I popped into Panya Bakery where I’ve had Macaroons, Financiers and Chocolates with Japanese flavored twists before …ie wasabi white chocolate macaroons, Yuzu financiers etc…But this time it was the Banana Chocolate Croissant ($2.25 ) that caught my eye. It was filled with fresh bananas, custard and melted chocolate chips. It was love at first bite…not only delish but so very fresh…like a just peeled well ripened banana…plus it wasn’t flaky like a traditional croissant and I was fine with it not “flaking out” after every bite. It was “banana’s” enough for me…which in all fairness a terrible pun for a delicious bun…I washed it down with a cup of Panya’s house brewed Coffee ($1.75).

Panya Bakery is located at 8 Stuyvesant Street


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