I popped down to the Meatpacking to check out some sunglasses and pick up some much needed staples for my cupboards(read: ie Hot Chocolate) though it was after 3:30pm I had yet to getting around to eating lunch…thus this guy was starving. Thinking about the various local options…a burger had my name all over it and Bill’s Bar and Burger was right down the block from my first stop. I usually go for the Mexican Burger but while looking to see if anything new was on the menu the bartendress told me about the day’s special. A Bacon Cheeseburger topped with BBQ sauce and 2 Onions Rings…sold plus I was so hungry I ordered up their Sweet Potato fries as well. The fries were great but the Onion Rings were some of the best I’ve had. They were made with red onions which I’ve never had before and I think for the record make a better battered ring. I had a Brooklyn seasonal  to wash it down…did I mention it was after 3:30pm pm on a Friday?

Bill’s Bar and Burger is located at 22 9th Avenue


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