I left my cave to forage for food since it was finally starting thaw after the weeks Ice age and headed down to Chelsea Markets for provisions. As my stomach started to grumble I remembered that Tuck Shop has an outpost in the annex. I’ve had their traditional Beef pie a number of times and have enjoyed the Lamb and Steak pies as well…but it was the THAI GREEN CHOOK CURRY PIE comprised of chicken, coconut milk, Thai basil, chilis, Kafir lime leaves, and galangal($6- 4inch circumference) that caught my eye this time. The “Tiger Grip”* sized pie was filing, tasted great plus I was pleasantly surprised how spicy it was, not in a hard to eat (at least not for I) kinda way. The chiles really added some heat kicking up the flavor leaving a nice warm feeling inside …which on a day I that was about 8 degrees F of sub arctic freezing NYC  was welcomed. I washed it down with their Thai Basil soda(homemade syrups in soda water $3) which was delish and really with well with the Curry. They also had Cherry, Ginger, Mint Green Tea among other interesting flavors. Sausage rolls and sides are available as well.

Tuck Shop Chelsea Market is located at 75 9th Avenue


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