Vietnamese Cinnamon

February is pretty much my least favorite month…primarily due to it usually being the worst weather month in the NE. However as with many things in life …the month has some positives, for example City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate month (see Calendar). The Hot Chocolate at City Bakery is pretty thick and rich…nothing like Miss Swiss this is the Lobster Bisque of hot chocolates. My understanding it is more like the thick styles of Paris and St. Petersburg.

The day I went Vietnamese Cinnamon was the special flavor of the day. You can get it as a shot (2-3 oz I think) which considering how thick and rich may be enough for most…though not I, or the regular ($5.50 for 10-12oz) sized which most seemed to order. If you love Marshmallows they are house made and pretty big here(extra $1-2 bucks). Though the pricing is premium, the Hot Chocolate here is pretty outrageous.


City Bakery is located at 5 West 18th Street


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