Taim Sabith

    Ever have a Sabith? Up till recently neither did I. It was Hummus and egg sandwiches that I first went to Taim for…and after trying and enjoying their falafel  became a convert to the chickpea in its fried form. While deciding which to go with the other day I espied The Sabith up on their chalkboard menu. It’s a pita stuffed with fried eggplant(very lightly)hummus, sliced hard boiled ,egg, Israeli salad,cabbage salad and if you so desire the works (tahini,pickles,& pickled mango chutney, and hot sauce). It was pretty awesome and possibly my favorite dish at Taim now. I washed it down with their yummy Ginger Mint Lemonade. They have a number of other teas, lemonades and some pretty tasty smoothies as well to satisfy your liquid refreshment desires. For a quick, healthy nutritious and delicious bite Taim is my new hot spot in Soho…the people watching inside and out the big windows are not half bad either:)

Taim is located at 45 Spring Street


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