Warby Parker Spenser's in Midnight Blue

It’s been a while since I got new Sunglasses and requiring prescription ones it’s not just a matter of grabbing a pair that “look cool” and replacing them whenever. While the place I’ve been getting my glasses is awesome…the price for Frames is astronomical compared to the price for lenses. This is an across the board issue…which is what led to Warby Parker’s business model in the first place. Provide quality frames for prescription($150) and non prescription glasses($95) at reasonable prices. At the Annex in the Meatpacking District you can get a eye exam(just for the lens prescription) for only $50…of note, it was very thorough

Since I wear black “Clark Kent” frames for my regular glasses I wanted something with some flavor for my sunglasses and Warby Parker has a very large selection of styles…I wanted to go blue and they had a handful for me to try on. I choose the “Spenser” in Midnight Blue. An updated take on the classic Wayfarer which gave me some understated elegance in shape and color without having to go overboard so to speak

The other very cool thing is that for every order purchased Warby Parker donates a free pair to someone in need. Thus one has a huge choice of frames to choose from, at fair prices…and you get to do some good in the world by providing someone less fortunate a pair of glasses. Not a bad business model is it…?   My Midnight Blue Spenser’s arrived at my home 8 business days after I placed the order, I felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping my gift. I can only hope that whoever received the donated free pair are enjoying their Warby Parker’s as much as I am:)

Warby Parker Spenser's in Midnight Blue  Warby Parker Spenser's in Midnight BlueWarby Parker Spenser's in Midnight Blue Warby Parker Spenser's in Midnight Blue

Warby Parker Annex is located at 819 Washington Street


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