Ramen Takumi Tan Tan Men

I love Japanese Ramen soups and when I saw that a new Ramen joint opened up in my hood I was really hoping it was going to be good. Ramen Takumi ‘s menu is decent sized with a number of hot noodle soups and cold noodle dishes to choose from along with appetizers. The place is long and narrow with brick walls, about 10 tables and 2 counter spaces to slurp up your soup.

I decided to for a change of pace to go for a non-pork based Ramen soup and choose the Tan Tan Men, a spicy soybean paste chopped chicken noodle soup. I ordered it from one of the 4 combo options that include either shumai, gyoza, a chicken,egg & rice dish or a rice curry to start. Since I went pork-less in the soup I went with the fried pork gyoza for my appetizer. They were perfectly lightly fried in a thin wrapper and very tasty. When my soup arrived and I looked it its orange color I wondered just how hot is this going to be? Though not as spicy as it looked like it was going to be… it was very good with some heat to it and different then any Ramen like soups I’ve had before. Ramen Takumi turned out to be even better then I hoped it would be and I look forward to working my way around their menu.

Fried Pork Gyoza Spicy Tan Tan Men Soup

Ramen Takumi is located at 517 3rd Avenue


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