Handsome Dan's Candy Store

    Do you watch “Two Broke Girls” or just quite simply love Candy? Either way, in real life Andy is Handsome Dan and he has a Candy Store on Bedford in Wiiliamsburg that has every and any candy from your childhood you can imagine and more…Jars upon jars full all of sorts of hard, jelly-like, chocolate candies that you can fill mason jars with…Stuff I have not  seen in Lord knows how many years, ie, Turkish Taffy, Buttons! Local stuff like Mast, Lidabit, and Nunu  and semi-local chocolates and caramels from the likes of Asher. While I’m primarily a dark chocolate guy I went for the Asher Carmel’s in Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt…I also tried their White Chocolate chucks which was awesome. For Candy Lovers this place is great…for Dentist’s likely what they have nightmares about:)

Now if only 2 hot broke girls…one with questionable morals…one with diminishing morals and craving candy could just open a home-made cupcake shop across the way…the possibilities…the possibilities….

Handsome Dan's Candy Store Handsome Dan's Candy Store

Handsome Dan’s is located at 218 Bedford Ave (inside the mini-mall…just like on the show!:)


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  1. […] the way back to the L like a magnet even after buying a Mast bar(half pound:) I gravitate to Handsome-Dans-candy-store/ to get some more dark chocolate salted caramels and grab a few of the new Shokomonk bars from […]

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