An Nhau Baby Pho & Bahn Mi

After hitting the very cool Surf Photography event WITHINSIGHT at Picture Farm and in need of a bite I came upon An Nhua right across the street fro  the L train. I love Vietnamese food and either a Bahn Mi or a Pho was sounding pretty good to my tummy. I ended up getting both…When you first enter the place there is a small cute lounge like area upfront, then an long L shaped wooden curvy shaped bar and tables in the back . I grabbed a seat at the bar and while looking at the food menu couldn’t help but notice what a  unusually well stocked bar with high end bourbons, tequilas, rums, etc… when I made a comment to the friendly bartendress…her reply was…”yeah, well it is Williamsburg:)”

I ordered up a 33 Export beer (Sun-Thurs 12pm on happy hour:) first time I’ve had once since I was in Saigon 2 years ago. Which brings me to…from Saigon to Nha Trang I couldn’t find Bahn Mi…with the exception of seeing Spam and carrots on a roll. Here in Williamsburg…6 different versions! In addition the menu is comprised of a half dozen starters, 3 versions of Pho, a number of entrees and some sides. While trying to decide between going Pho or Bahn Mi I noticed in the starters Baby Pho…perfect! I ordered that up and their Lemongrass Chicken Bahn Mi. Both were awesome…the Pho was a nice little loaded bowl of deliciousness and the Bahn Mi was great…the bread oh so fresh. Between the quality of the food, happy hour, friendly staff and fellow diners…and location, An Nhau is a winner for the locals…but a no-brainer for city dwellers as well…

An Nhua Baby Pho An Nhua Chicken Bahn Mi

An Nhau is located at 172 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg


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