Carson Street Clothiers Preview

Walking east on Spring Street on my way to the subway(underground train vs places those of you outside NYC likely go for sandwiches:) out of my peripheral vision I espied Carson Street Clothiers sign on Crosby. My curiosity piqued I popped in to check it out. As I walk in the first thing that pops into my mind is high end haberdashery. The interior is all highly polished wood floors, bookcase like wooden shelves and a lounge area in the back. The clothing ranges from local brands like Patrik Ervell (sweet blue suede Varsity  jacket) , LMB 1911 sports jackets(hopefully they have one to fit my frame) Carson’s own in house line(they also do custom shirts, suits, etc) to makers of James Bond kit such as Sunspel(Sea Island T’s and Polo’s) and Orebar Brown(tailored swimsuits and resort wear).

Carson Street Clothiers  has a nice shoe selection as well with everything from Rivera slip-on’s, Navy Blue boat shoes, Black Captoes, to Suede Double Monks Strapped. A number of books on style and fashion oriented periodicals are mixed in with the clothes on display and you can even find Umbrella’s for Spring showers and grooming goods for your upcoming hot date. Whether you’re looking for that line you’ve only seen in magazines or looking for a place that has pretty much everything you need but prefer boutiques to mega malls…this may just be what you’ve been looking for…

Carson Street Clothiers Preview Carson Street Clothiers Preview

Carson Street Clothiers is located at 63 Crosby Street


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