Shorty's Chicken Special

While looking for a slice(translates to Pizza for those of you outside NYC:) to tide me over while walking up 9th Ave on my way to catch the crosstown bus I came upon Shorty’s…Looking at the menu I saw the Roast Pork Special (broccoli rabe and sharp provolone) and had to have one. While I ordered t to go…the beer selection was so awesome I had to get one…it was a tough chine between the Ommagang Barrier Relief, Sly Fox Seamus Red and the Heavy Seas Winter Storm…I went with the Storm which like most of Heavy Seas was great. At 6pm on a Sunday the bar and tables were fairly full with a lively crowd.

The sandwich was great even better then I expected. The flavors really melded together. It’s not a big “5 Borough Pizza place” sized hero…it’s Philly Cheesesteak sized from which it hails. Of the note the roll is also very different…though in a good way…they are imported from Philly after all. Shorty’s has quite a few Hoagie’s(it’s Philadelphian for Hero) that include a variety of Cheesesteaks,Chicken Cheesesteaks and a slew of others including shockingly 2 that are vegetarian. Shorty’s even has breakfast sandwich’s (served after 11am) Snacks include a variety of fries(on a subsequent visit I had the Italian fries…Italian spices and Romano cheese which was great) and even a number of salads. On a return visit recently I has the Chicken Cutlet special which was awesome and a lot bigger then the Roast Pork version. My bud had the Cheesesteak with provolone and gave it a thumbs up(couldn’t speak due to recent surgery) …To wash it all down a fantastic selection of craft beers and a full bar. I got around to the Sly Fox which was rather special. Add Shorty’s your Best Sandwiches and Best Craft Beer lists…I have.

Shorty's Italian Fries Shorty's Special

Shorty’s is located at 576 9th Avenue


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