Anna Razumovskaya Dage-Fleeting Beauty OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

To say that I was overwhelmed by the size and scale of Art Expo this year would be a bit of an understatement. Not only was the Gallery section large…the Solo section was as well. I’ll share some of my experiences and the works that really stood out to me. One thing that I found particularly interesting is that while I’ve noticed how I view Art differently now that I paint…was how when I walked into the booths instead of getting approached if I was interested in any if the pieces or wanted any info…I kept getting asked over and over if I were an Artist. My best guess is it was due to how I was looking at the pieces…It started at the first booth I walked into with the Artist Robert Hartshorn. He walked up to me and asked if I paint and we discussed how the woman looking over her shoulder look back is one of my favorite subjects to to paint… as it is his as well. Though sometimes he finds to get the curves and lines he wants he ends up doing the whole figure. This continued fairly often throughout the show…

With one exception I was allowed to take photo’s(having a cool looking card with my blog sites might have helped) of all the works I asked permission for…key phase at these shows…”ask permission” that being the French Artist Fabiola Govare whose stuff I love…but was the only artist that didn’t want their art photographed or put in a piece. She only does Originals which might have something to it. However, she was very gracious about it and I would recommend checking out her site. The works that I really enjoyed included Dage -one of most interesting groups of works I saw –Fleeting beauty is the concept of her work and she paints by dripping, no brush, no spatula, LI Guanglin of China -Children, Monks, and the Elderly, Anna Razumoskaya -One of the shows favorites, especially by women…all the most beautiful women at the show were in this booth. Plus, I have a thing for women’s back and hers are amazing…, Yuzov– somewhat Picasso like yet still unique…I found the wood cuts to be extremely impressive, Juan Gastelum of AG Art Publishing’s magnificent female forms in Bronze, Maurice Bogar’s Pop Art-Women with polka dots…seems we both have a thing for Bond, Green Eyed Beauties…and Polka Dots,Valeriy Zharkikh of Moscow’s -Meditative Abstracts(they kind of vibrate when you look at them due to his color combinations), Sigal Melinger of Israel -Colorful cafe scenes mixed-media works, Steven Valiere -Bright big pieces of  Surfers taking on massive waves, Sammoun -Floral scenes (what my bro likes), Igor Rashkin-Women in the Rain,Yachts racing, Yanni Haruni- beautiful women, Socrates Marquez -Wild abstracts…the list could go on and on…Enjoy the pics which for the record are in no particular order…nor could I even choose just one for the header:)

Robert Hartshorn Sammoun  li-guanglin igor-rashkin Dage Socrates Marquez anna-razumoskaya valeriy-zharkikh steven-valiere Sigal Melinger Juan Gastelum Yilli Haruni Maurice Bogar Carlos Tirado Yuroz


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