Yefsi Octopus

 I’ve been back to Yefsi a number of times since I first came here last Spring and not only has it become one of my absolute favorite Greek restaurants, it’s one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by Gregory(must translate to gracious in Greek) and escorted to your table till the moment to leave the service is top notch. This is the only restaurant I go to and don’t even bother looking at the menu. I was with a good bud and some dining companions and our waiter Yanni not only remembered our favorites to start us with, but throughout the meal kept recommending specials and new delights to try. It was like visiting family and being told…oh I know you love this…but you need to try what Mom/Uncle/Grandma’s/etc just whipped up.

Last night in addition to our usual’s (listed below in original piece) we had a delicious appetizer of Giant Beans and Shrimp, a great selections of spreads and pita, a perfectly cooked piece of Branzino plucked right out f the sea with Greek Spinach(like a bitter escarole…I loved it) and an amazing Veal special in a reduced wine sauce with mushrooms. While it tasted like Veal, it looked and had the consistency of steak…it was amazing. To finish a desert plate with a sample of treats including Greek Yogurt with nuts and cherries, Baklava and the moistest and best delicious Spice Cake I ever had. While my friends washed down the rest of their meal with Red Wine, after my perfect Hendricks Martini’s…I finished with a Greek Coffee…”scetto”

Original piece from March 2013

I started the night out with a bud I hadn’t seen in a while at one of NY’s newest hottest restaurants named after an “Actress from the Silver Screen”…after a couple of drinks I was hungry….”Hey how’s the food here? “Oh it’s excellent…but I have somewhere else to take you”. Next stop another new hot spot named after a certain county in VA….”Still hungry…how’s the menu here” Oh great…but I have to take you to my new favorite Greek spot…

Well my bud is Greek and usually good with restaurants…so back in his Jag and off to Yefsi Estiatorio(Yefsi Greek for taste, Estiatorio Greek for  Brasserie/Trattoria). After a number of conversations in Greek with some patrons my friends knows we settle in at the bar. “Oh Dawn makes great drinks”…When asked what I would like…I reply something with Gin…”You like Negroni’s…? For my answer I Smile…a pitch perfect Negroni is served to me. My friend then inquires  if they can make a drink with Coconut Vodka(don’t ask). While I discuss my favorite version of the Negroni, the White Negroni with Dawn, the Executive Chef/Owner Christos Christou walks by to see how everybody is doing. He’s an affable guy and it was interesting to hear from him both the pleasures and challenges of cooking in the kitchen while running the business as well. He also shared that he has a rather big dinner coming up where he will be cooking outside the restaurant at rather large home…The Lady of the house’s name is Michelle and I believe her husband’s name was…something with a B…Since it was the Greeks who gave us Democracy I think it only fitting that Greek cuisine is served at the seat of Democratic power…the White House…

While perusing the menu Dawn mixes me up a Hendricks and Elderflower which was a great twist on the Martini. We order up a classic Greek Salad, Octapadi (Octopus), Girades( Shrimp) Saganski, and Chips with Zucchini and Eggplant chips with Tzatziki sauce. The Octopus was some of the best, if not the best I’ve ever had, the Greek salad was classic, my bud raved over the Shrimp Saganaki and the Chips were so good. Yefsi Estiatorio was more then worth the wait and between the great service and spectacular food…put this on your Hot List of places you need to go this Spring…plus, I need to come back…I never made it to the entree’s…

Yefsi Greek Salad

Yepsi Estoria is located at 1481York Avenue


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