On may way walking home after ArtExpo to the crosstown bus I see proclaimed “Best Cuban!” How could I not stop and take a look. This Casa Havana is a new location, the original located in Chelsea and has been there for years. When you first walk in there’s a long bar with blue and red stools. followed by a back dining area with tables for 2-6. The walls are covered with art work and photography. Casa Havana has a decent sized menu with Seafood, Meats, Mofongo’s, Sides, Soups, Breakfasts, and Daily Specials.

I ordered up to go and when I got home started with the Shrimp Empanada…which tasted good but different then I expected…likely because it turned out to be a Chicken Empanada…it happens. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Next up was the Cuban…which I ordered up “special” ($6.95 w/chorizo:) It was very good and the addition of chorizo did make it special…a nice twist on the classic.  I’m not in this neighborhood too often…but do need to swing by here again to check out more of this menu…

cuban-con-chorizo Chicken Empanada

Casa Havana is located at 688 10th Avenue


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