Royce Chocolate Rum Raisin Bar

My Father would have likely eaten most of this bar in one sitting. It’s not only that the quality of the chocolate was soooo good…it’s that the Rum soaked raisins…are Rum soaked raisins. This bar was like the love child of a chocolate bar and an Italian Rum pastry. I almost went with the Black(Dark)Chocolate bar which is usually my preference …but the Rum Raisin sounded interesting and wow was it good.

Royce Chocolates are from Japan…the first time I’ve seen chocolates from Japan. I was on my way home cutting though Bryant Park when I saw their Pop-up store. I also enjoyed samples of the Nut Crunch bar which was great and they do covered Potato Chips as well, I had the Carmel coated…guessing this stuff must be crack for pregnant women. They have a number of other chocolate Bars, liquor flavored chocolates, chocolate covered nuts and aforementioned chips. I’m going back for that Black bar…and looking forward to seeing what else Royce has to offer…

Royce Chocolates Pop up store is located at 28 W.40th right across from Bryant Park


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