How To Be Happy

The first time I saw Eric Zener’s work at Gallery Henoch I thought I was viewing a photo exhibition…until I got closer and realized I was looking at paintings! Eric’s work is grouped into four themes…Water being his main theme along with Sleep, Land and Journeys. This show focused primarily on new Water paintings (most very large…I kept trying to figure out how to get one into a NYC apartment)  along with a couple of his new Fire works from his Land series…which of course look like they are literally on fire.

Since women and water are two of my favorite things in life I’m a huge fan and it was great to meet Eric and speak with him about his work. I found him to be quite down to earth with a depreciating since of humour. When asked how it feels to have achieved such success as an Artist He responded how he couldn’t afford his own works these days (please note, prints in limited editions are now available on his website). His interpretation of his works is the transformative nature of water…and for that matter fire. I wholeheartedly agree…there is something about jumping into the ocean that at some primordial level cleanses one (also happens to be by far the best cure for a hangover…or so I’ve heard). Even just diving into my pool after a long day does more for me to relieve any tension then just about anything else. When you look at his works of the people floating and swimming underwater you can feel their joy since waters cathartic capabilities are something you likely have felt. After our conversation. I went back around the gallery  trying to figure out how he mixes those incredible blues in his oceans and  pools, paints those amazing figures…and  those bubbles…those bubbles

Light A Merging Into Unbound Reach For Me Yesterday Yearning For More OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Outstretched

Eric Zener’ new works are on display at Gallery Henoch located at 555 W.25th until April 27th


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