Brooklyn Art Library

As I’m walking down North 3rd I come across the Brooklyn Art Library...figuring it’s a library full of books on Art. Not quite, or at least what I expected. it’s actually a library full of sketch books submitted from artists from all around the country. You sign up for a “library card” and then can look at the books. You can even sign up to submit your own book via their website. It will then travel around the county (you pick the route or theme) and eventually reside in the Williamsburg location. You have the option to have it digitized and put into their online site.

Since I sketch and paint myself I was simultaneously inspired and humbled by the wealth of talent on display(I viewed sketchbooks by Maggie Nemetz,Toni Garrett,Ann Potter and Candyce Stylling). They also carry some books, sketchbooks, pencils, etc…even a Mast Chocolate bar if you hungry while looking at all the cool sketch books…I signed up for the Digital copy later that night when I got could I not(I need to decide on either a regional tour or a theme ie, Capes, Masks, & Tights) what exactly am I going to do?:)

Brooklyn Art Library Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbooks

The Brooklyn Art Library is located at 103A North 3rd Street


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