Williamsburg North 3rd

When I first started coming to Billyburg years ago it was for Asian and Peruvian hybrids like Tacu Tacu grab a drink and out. It’s amazing how the place has changed over the last year or two, not only restaurant wise…but retail as well.  I heard about a surf shop I wanted to check out and headed over to the L to do a little recon. Since I was a bit hungry I started out at Egg on North 5th and after an awesome fried chicken breast sandwich and fries headed over to North 3rd to check out Pilgrim Surf…but like the song says...”I kinda got lost…kinda got lost somewhere down the line…” first I finally found(hiding in plain sight) the Mast  Chocolate factory…Mast, Famous for high quality local production and fancy wrappers had an amazing selection of bars, from the standard sized up to 2.2 pounders!. On the back wall is a diagram of the  step by step process to make the chocolate…with the factory itself open and to the right of it. You can purchase Bars $7-12(limited reserve) Blocks by the pound(about)$13, as well as cookies, cakes,Books, and T-shirts.

From Mast I came across the Brooklyn-Art-Library of sketchbooks. A very cool concept, one that I even signed up for. I then hit Depannuer(French  Quebecian for corner store) which carries a mix of local  and imported from overseas goods. I grab a Rancho Gordo New Mexican Chile Powder to spice things up, Royal Roses Lavender and Lemon simple syrup for cocktails, an Abita Root Beer(I’ve only seen it in tap before) and a bar of Tangerine Basil soap…it spelled so good I wanted to freeze it and eat it! Next up the new Baggu  store where I see a cute back back in aqua for my Niece to go with her eyes and and possibly a pool tote in Aqua for myself. I  finally complete my pilgrimage to Pilgrim Surf and Supply. Who would have thought that such a cool surf shop would grow in Brooklyn. They carry a range of Long and Short boards, quite a few clothing lines including Norse,Armour Lux, Britches,Bantu(board-shorts from Africa),and Mataka. They also carry a number of accessories including fins for your board and for your feet. They have just the short snorkel/ body-surfing fins I have been looking for…which I will be back for…

On the way back to the L like a magnet even after buying a Mast bar(half pound:) I gravitate to Handsome-Dans-candy-store/ to get some more dark chocolate salted caramels and grab a few of the new Shokomonk bars from Germany that just came in(white chocolate with pistachios ,another with blueberries and a dark with peppermint). One last stop…I need a new bag of coffee and a cup wouldn’t hurt either so I hit Toby’s Estate for a pour over of Brazilian with a delish Chocolate Chip Pistachio Biscotti and a bag of the Rwanda to go…then settle in at a community table with the sun blazing in to sketch a bit…I do after all need to practice so I can submit an entry to the Brooklyn Art Museum. Then a realize I’m hungry again and as I’m heading to the L I continue up Bedford to Vinny’s for an amazing slice of Meatball Parmigiana pizza. More then satiated and with a full backpack I head back to NYC…knowing I’ll be back soon to do some more exploring…

EGG North 5thVinny's Toby's Estate Pilgram Surf and Supply IMG_1606 Baggu DepannuerMast Chocolate


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  1. […] did a piece back in the fall on North 3rd St and all the great spots on it including Pilgrim Surf+Supply. I’ve been back a number of times […]

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