Rubirosa's Chicago Style Italian Hot Spicy Beef

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is how you can get food from all over the world in NYC… yet there are plenty of great regional favorites from the good ole US of A that are hard to find(think quick…where can you get a Muffaletta, a Concrete, a Jucy Lucy?) if at all. This has been slowly changing for the better lately and a great example is the Chicago Style Hot Spicy Beef sandwich currently being offered as a special at Rubirosa. I first had one of these in my early 20’s and couldn’t believe we didn’t have roast beef prepared this way in NYC. It wasn’t until years later on a business trip to Chicago when asked want I want for lunch… I immediately said “One of these spicy roast beef sandwiches! 🙂

I’ve had it twice over the last couple of weeks since seeing it on Rubirosa’s black board as I was walking up Mulberry. Admittedly its not for everyone…it does live up to it’s name. Not so much for how the beef is prepared as much as for all the hot peppers on it….but ohhhhh…the aged provolone melting into the spicy beef covered in hot peppers sandwiched between the perfect Italian bread…Mmmmmmm….One my of new favorite sandwiches in NYC…even if it got it’s start in Chicago….

Rubirosa is located at 235 Mulberry Street  


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