PizzaBall Meatball Hero

Is this the best Meatball Hero ever?!? Quite possibly yes and I’ve had a few over the years. The Pizza meatball was the special and made with pork, pepperoni, fontina cheese, etc it sounded really good. I usually go naked(in a bowl with sauce) but I was pretty hungry and actually never had one of their heros. Three(3) balls are served on delish Italian bread, I went as usual spicy meat for my sauce and for cheese went mozz(provolone available). It was absolutely… amazing.

To be semi-healthy I ordered up some greens for my side…but went non-traditional with the Bok Choy with Cherry Pepper vinaigrette …which had some heat…I washed it down with their special of the day lemonade…Mint lemonade which was like a blast of fresh mint in every sip…They have the most amazing Ice Cream Cooke sandwiches but I was too stuffed… off to walk it off and take in the sites on Bedford…

Bok Choy with Cherry Peppers

Meatball Shop is located at 170 Bedford in Williamsburg


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