It’s that time of the year again, yes Spring, but more importantly Jillypalooza(My nieces’s B-Day party…makes Coachella look like a tea party for octogenarians). So what does one buy for the child that needs nothing …but at least does appreciate what she has and what she is given. Well a girl can never have too many shoes can she(technically the answer is “yes she can:)? Superga has a number of styles and a Pantone rainbow of colors to choose from. She likes purple, pink, those blue ones are cute…but these pastel like green ones look like a light aqua water-green and like her Uncle she has a thing for the ocean color spectrum. These will be perfect for her to rock out by the pool or beach with…while her friends eye her up “pastel green” with envy wearing their plain-jane sneakers…

Of course while I was there I checked out what colors they had for Men. I had heard of Superga before and they looked like what would happen if an Italian shoe cobbler with some Sprezzatura got his hands on an American pair of Tennis shoes and worked his magic on them. What color are these? “Blue Shadow, Sir”. How could I not go with a pair of sneakers in this stealth like shade of blue grey…this must be the color that an Italian AISE Agent would wear on a secret mission…or by the Amalfi Coast visiting his Niece…:)

Superga Superga Blue Shadow Superga Pastel Green

Superga is located at 78 Crosby Street  


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