BFC Tuna Taco Vietnemese Summer Rolls

Have you been to Smorgasburg yet now that it’s back outside for Spring? Say what…you don’t know what Smorgasburg is?!? OK…picture this…a flea market, but instead of sneakers, records,tube-socks, comics, etc that people are looking to get rid of….it’s all food! Food from near and far…land, air(well…with wings:) and sea. Want a taco…Mexican, Japanese or Ethiopian? Chocolate…in a bar, on a Doughnut, in your Peanut Butter or flavoring your ice cream? Want a sandwich…BBQ or Lobster roll? Salivating yet?:) I hit it twice recently and here are some of the great stuff I enjoyed…along with an unexpected discovery…

I started with BFC  for some right out of the fryer (yet grease-less) Fried Chicken with pickles…it was so good that a girl sitting next to me tried to distract me to grab my drumstick(please note they have Waffles available as well). I washed the BFC down with Nadia’s Moroccan Kitchen’s Mint Iced Tea which went perfect with the fried chicken. Though a bit full I could not resist getting a Spicy Tuna taco from Takumi Taco. I’ve had Korean Tacos before, but  these were my first Japanese. It was delish and reminded me of a dish that an ex-girlfriend from San Diego used to tell me about…La Esquina had a stand and I tasted their tomatillo salsa…delish with some nice heat. I then went over to the Dough stand…but they were totally sold out! Bummed since I wanted a Toasted Coconut or Dulce con Leche. Of course while eating the tuna taco…by Dough I start joking around with the girl there about selling out so soon…”Oh we are getting more in 15 mins”…I walk around…pop on the line forming up and get my toasted coconut(though I did save it for the next day. If you are going to eat your Dough…nut right then and there…right to the right is a Blue Bonnet Coffee stand…or go to the left and get a People’s Pops Ice Pop or Shaved Ice…

There are also a number of tasty treats to take home…I picked up from Madecasse Chocolates made in Madagascar… a Dark Chocolate Pink Pepper and Citrus bar and  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar…Queen Majesty’s Scotch Bonnet-Ginger sauce…the sweet heat from the pepper with the Ginger and the Lime blended perfectly…From the 3Nuts I tried coconut cashew and caramel salted PB both great but I go with the coconut…of course the must expensive one, never fails. As I was leaving I heard some people saying how amazing every Saturday  would be if you lived in one if the nearby buildings…I thought I would have to hit the gym 4 times a day or I would be 600 lbs +

Round 2…I go back the next Saturday…

I start with an Ethiopian Dova chicken taco from Taste Ethopia…tasty, hot…but not too hot, then Vietnamese Summer Rolls from (same name)…Chicken Confit, Shrimp Bacon and a Brisket…all very good with the Shrimp Bacon being my favorite and finally go big with The White Tiger from Pit-Beef(add this to my best sandwich list) BBQ Beef topped with hot sauce,onions, cheese, and jalapeno chips. Washed it all down with Passion Fruit Soda from Bolivian LLama Party…delish and need to try their other exotic flavors. Broke down again for a Dough…nut…this time the Chocolate salted caramel…though again took it home for the next day.

I did notice there were more places this weekend and expect more places to pop up as summer gets closer…Of note, not only are there picnic tables, grass to lie out on, great views of NYC…but if you walk down to the water…even a pretty cool, gritty rustic beach…

Pit-Beef White Tiger Bolivian Sodas Dova Chicken Taco's Dough Smorgasburg Smorgasburg Dough 3Nuts Chocolate BarsBeach in Williamsburg Beach in Williamsburg


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