Mayhem & Stout

    Madison Square Eats is back in swing for the Spring season, it started up on May 3rd and goes till the end if the month. Along with most of the old favorites are a number of new vendors. One thing I really like is a lot of places offer half sandwiches or single tacos, empanadas etc so you can don’t have to choose just one treat to eat…though 4 might be a bit much…well for some of you…maybe.  I started with Mayhem & Stout’s short rib/brisket half sandwich topped with Blueberry Sriracha sauce and Pickled Cauliflower(you choose between 3 meets, 4 sauces, and 5 or so toppings). To drink I went with their Rosemary Limeade which was a great refreshing twist on a summertime classic.

After my half sandwich I was ready for some more…Seoul Lee Korea’s BBQ was up next I ordered up their Beef…(pork and chicken sold out !) taco  topped with kimchi, greens and  very special sauce(they should bottle and sell this stuff)…one of the best Korean taco’s I’ve had. I walked around a bit and came upon Melt– Ice Cream sandwiches…like I had a chance here…the special of the day was the Mint Jockey…Sugar cookies encasing Makers Mark mint julep ice cream…which I could not resist …but I was still a little hungry …so I did a loop to burn some calories and grabbed a single Coconut Curry chicken w hot sauce empanada from La Sonrisa Empandas which was tasty and the empanadas wrap in this one reminded me of a high end egg roll wrapper . I also picked up a jar of their Chimichurri(Latin Pesto)sauce which I cannot wait to use. I then devoured the Melt Julep as I walked around taking pics of multicolored Tulips a blooming for up coming paintings(Read: My Mom’s Mothers Day card:)

Mayhem & Stout Seoul Lee Korea's BBQ Melt Mint Jockey La Sonrisa

Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips


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