Mother’s Day…that one, and only…single day of the year that we all show how much we love them thanks to the Greeting Card industry(Read: Do we really need a “day” to let our Mom’s know we love them?) Do you every year face the dilemma of what to get Mom? Do you have the Mom who has everything(she needs nothing so what do I get her?!?) next to nothing (can use anything…what to get… what to get her) or worse yet…”whatever you get me I”ll be happy with” (guess which mine is:) Hopefully this list can offer some guidance and relieve some pain…


Baggu -Canvas bags and now leather
Coach – The classic
Kate Spade – Classics with a twist and bit more color
Flight 001 – Great stuff for the Mom that likes to Travel
Mulberry – the next level


Aesop – High end from natural ingredients …pricey
Chanel – Can you ever go wrong with No. 5…
Fresh – Brown Sugar and Sugar Lychee
Le Labo – Expensive…but she is so worth it(and my Sister-in-Law who I hooked up with a bottle better remember it:)
Lush – All natural and fairly priced

Chocolates – She loves’em and you want to step up from Big G…or G-d forbid Russel Stovers(I told a cousin if he shows up with these for my Mother again I would kill him in cold blood)

Li-Lac -Great chocolate covered cherries
Jacques Torres – Fantastic assortment of flavored premium chocolates…also like their dried cherries
Vognes – Both classic and unique flavored chocolates
Marie Belle – fancy smancy chocolates that are little works of art…no really the chocolates have little pics on them


Vince – For the more mod and young Mom
Splendid – Basic classics
Scoop – Great variety
Icebreaker (if she’s active especially , but even if active means playing with her Grand kids)

Flowers…your local(by your home, office, etc) florists with the freshest real flowers…not the sprayed on color from the corner deli flowers…Lately I paint flowers using Watercolors…this year Tulips.

Of note, most of these places have full on-line sites…however, unless they are not near where you live or work…you really should go to the store to see, touch, smell, taste, etc…the goods for yourself. What, you’re just too busy? The woman carried you in her belly for nine long months and then went through hell giving birth to you…then raised you…find the time:)

Happy Mothers Day!:)



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