Ever go back to a neighborhood you haven’t been to in a while, could be months, maybe years… that place you always used to go for a favorite dish or sandwich and wonder if  it’s still there…still so good? After I got out of a meeting I was back in the mid 40’s where I used to work and Nino’s 46 was one of my regular stomping grounds. I loved their chicken parm(please note as you can see I started eating before I could take the picture:) in a plate with rigatoni and would usually try to get something green on the side. They also had a great selection of sandwiches to choose from.

Chichen Parm & Pasta

As I’m walking down 46th I’m noticing the block has changed a lot over the last year or so and I’m starting to wonder is Nino’s 46 still here or just a bit further down…then I see the awning, smile and pop in. I notice two things when I walk in…it looks completely different…but the same woman is at the take out counter. It used to look kind of like a nice diner…now it looks like a nice Trattoria with brick walls, wooden tables, black and white photo’s on the walls, a long full bar and a brick pizza oven in the back. I figured the business was well, which it is…however it turns out that there was a serious fire. I mention this because they reopened the end of last year(2012) so if you walked by last fall…know that Nino’s 46 is back.

You can still grab your chicken parm hero for $8 at the counter to go or get your basic red sauce dishes and sandwiches. However, they know have a pretty interesting selection of pizza’s that get fired up in that aforementioned oven, a wide selection of basic and not so basic pasta’s…think Gnudi with mushrooms, Gorgonzola and walnuts or Fettuccine with shrimp and calabrese peppers. They also have a full dinner menu now with entrees that include Branzino and Hanger Steak. If you have a sweet tooth they have gelato’s sorbets and a number of other options to satisfy your cravings. I was psyched to see that they are still around and as much as I love they old school red sauce joint stuff…I’ll be back to work my way through the menu. Add Nino’s to your list of great lunch spots and now dinner when you’re going to the theater or just in the neighborhood.

Broccoli Rabe

Nino’s 46 is located at 39 W.46th Street


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