Long Beach, NY

Being a New York city dweller Long Beach is my “local” beach. It’s where I used to go all the time after college and where I stated going again when I lost interest in Hampton shares. From NYC you literally jump on a train at Penn Station, get off at Long Beach after a 50 minute ride, walk a few blocks…and there you are on a beautiful beach. Thanks to Sandy…however I, like many were wondering will Long Beach be in any condition for the Summer of 2013. I had the following concerns…

Quality of the Sand
Erosion of the beach
Water Quality
Local business’s being open to provide goods

I am psyched to say my beach loving, sun worshipping sisters and brothers from other mothers…that after hitting it recently, the sand is clean, there was little if any erosion, the water quality is TBD…however there were surfers in it and local business’s were open to provide food, drink, and beach goods.

I hit my usual’s on Park Avenue this first time to the beach this summer…

Abe’s –Right across from the train station to buy lunch to bring on the beach(they do have tables)I usually go Chicken Israeli or Gyro with a soup and drink for $10…ask for the homemade hot sauce:)

LB Surf Shop
– They carry everything from Boards to Bikini’s to Towels and T-Shirts. I couldn’t help but pick up a sweet short sleeved button down from LOST to look rad and styling…

Biddy Mulligans
– $4 beers at happy hour 4-7pm…perfect while waiting for the train…they have a full food menu as well

Gino’s Pizza
– Great pizza, especially the garbage slice (read:Special ) one of my favorite versions for $3.50

I’ll add my other favorites and new discoveries throughout the summer. I’m really looking forward to hitting the waves and very happy I’ll be able to. In regards to the
Boardwalk itself, it should be partially open in July and is contracted to be finished by Nov 2013 so it’s up for 2014.

Long Beach, NY Long Beach, NY Long Beach, NY Long Beach, NY Long Beach, NY


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