Preserve 24

While having drinks last Friday night outside on the border of the East Village and the Lower East Side one of my buds mentioned that a new place opened up across the street on Houston and Allen and why don’t we check it out for a drink. Well like a relationship that starts out with a simple kiss and then turns into an unforgettable night we went from cocktails to a full meal ending with after dinner drinks and a feeling of deep satisfaction. Quite simply, one of the best dinners I’ve had recently. Before I get to the food, I do need to mention the decor(which I did not get enough pictures of…will add more) Preserve 24 Looks like Captain Nemo’s dining room on The Mysterious Island .Which may not be too far off base since Preserve 24  is also the home of The Preserve24 Expedition Society who are mounting an expedition to cut out a chunk glacial ice from Greenland and keep it in a refrigerator being developed by a nuclear physicist…some stuff, you just can’t make up. It’s a Bi level space with multiple rooms,a huge open kitchen, Bars upstairs and down and a Raw bar that was formally a boat from 1860’s…still not making any of this up

Now on to the libations and food(of which I have plenty of pics to put your salivary glands into overdrive) We started off with their Gunslinger, a White Whiskey based cocktail that while the ingredients sounded somewhat eclectic, it was rather tasty. For appertisers we shared fresh plucked from the sea briny Oysters and an order of the Lagostines(3) special. They were lightly bathed in olive oil,parsley, and chile peppers…they were rather succulent. We then ordered up a bottle of Calera Pinot Noir, which eventually led to another. Of note, and I mentioned this to the Assistant General Manager Greg Cau…their Wine list I found to be one of the best priced I’ve found. Too many restaurants charge exorbitant mark-up’s on wines, here they top out in the early $60 dollar range. Please note, this for a restaurant whose entrees are in the $20-$40 range.

On that note, for our entrees we shared a 30oz dry aged porterhouse with smoked garlic marrow butter that came with sides of frites and greens for 2 and the Pasta special of the day. The steak at first bite was an unbelievable burst of flavor,buttery and with a little bite from the char. The fries were perfectly cooked…I stopped one of my bud’s from desecrating them with salt. The peppery greens perfectly complimented the steak and frites. The Bucatini made with olive oil, garlic, peas, and  ramps tasted like Spring. A couple of more friends showed up and we enjoyed another round of drinks with desert. For my next cocktail I went with the Dead Reckoning which we tried at first as a shot. It’s Mezcal based with banana and lime among other things. Think a souped up smoother margarita. We shared the Bread pudding with mascarpone creme and the Apple Tart with Rosemary ice cream, both served warm. The bread pudding was fairly light for a dish usually so heavy, yet packed with flavor. The Apple tart was light and crisp with the Rosemary Ice cream really complimenting the Apples.

Of note, the service here was exceptional, especially since they just opened. Not only was Sabrina our waitress great, but we got to meet a numbers of the hosts, hostesses, Greg and even the Chef John Parlatore(formally of Fig and Olive) came by and spoke for a while with us about how important it is for him to use locally sourced food, how the animals are treated, and cooking techniques. All in all a spectacular meal at New York’s newest “destination” restaurant. I can’t wait for brunch to start…



Preserve 24 is located at 177 East Houston


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