Bull is the story of three Sales Executives working for a Large UK based Corporation waiting for their CEO to show up for a meeting to decide which 2 of the 3 get to keep their jobs. The play takes place within a Boxing Ring with a Water-Cooler with 80’s music playing throughout the play. Isobel is the beautiful yet cold and calculating femme fatale, Tony is the Alpha Male and Thomas the Zeta. The bulk of the play is the psychological warfare the three engage in against each other while waiting for their CEO, Carter to show up. A pompous, I’m successful, I do what I want kind of guy.

They tease and taut each other using everything in their physical and psychological “war-chests” to throw the other off their game for the pending meeting with CEO, Carter. The play is not only a commentary on the Corporate world, but on human nature in general. I really enjoyed it…particularly for better or worse since I know all these characters. I’ve worked with them, for them and even dated some. It was very well acted and scripted and I highly recommend it. It’s playing for a limited engagement until June 2nd.

Bull is playing at 59E59th Street


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