Crispy Snapper

Looking for something a little different  then your usual Sushi spot and enjoy cooked Japanese as well? Sen NY(sister restaurant to their original location in Sag Harbor) is your new place. Funny thing is I was going to come here with my younger bro but he thought the menu looked like every other place he’s been to. Not sure what he was looking at because I saw plenty that piqued my curiosity. I hit it with a good bud and less then halfway through the meal he says…”Wow this stuff is awesome and different then most places I’ve been recently”…(For the record we are both fairly well versed in both high quality sushi and high end fusion cooking)

We started at the bar to catch up over Sake and Shochu flights. At Happy Hour these are a bargain offering three oversized shot sized pours for $12-$16. We sampled the Cloudy(unfiltered) the Emperor(Jumai’s) and Shochu. I partially liked the Aka Mao sweet potato Shochu. After knocking these off we sat down and while perusing the menu ordered up drinks. I started with a Yuzuguchi Lemonade. A spicy, yet refeshing mix of Hendricks Gin, ginger, and homemade yuzu lemonade. First up we had the Yellowtail Tartare topped with quail egg and spicy yuza dressing. This dish was small, but was packed with flavor. The Shiu Mai dumplings filled with minced pork, sharp mustard, and seasoned black vinegar were some of the best I’ve ever had.

From the special sushi roll section we tried the Flatiron(salmon,wonton crunch, habanero tartar sauce, and spicy miso) which was spicy, yet the freshness of the fish still came through and the Crispy Snapper (snapper, gobo root, shitake, shiso pesto, spicy miso sauce) another home run. Loved how the shiso and spicy miso sauce worked together while not overwhelming the fish. I’m not a big fancy roll fan…but these were exceptional. Time for another beverage while deciding on which skewers to go with. The Te Amo Margarita(partida reposado, fresh pink grapefruit, lime, agave and a dash of orange bitters) sounded like a nice twist on the classic and tasted better. I’m going to start making these at home they were so good. We downed an order of Sen NY’s Chicken wings…more like chicken lolly pops that were juicy and bursting with flavor while waiting for the skewers.

First up arrived the Bulgogiku, a nice slice of robuta pork belly topped with sesame leaf and garlic that was rich and tasty. The Harami, wagyu skirt steak, topped with crisped garlic wafers…this could kill a Vampire while you rolled your eyes with delight. I’m not a big wagyu fan…but this I liked. The best turned out to be for last…the Ton Toro, a slice of kurobuta pork belly topped with fresh wasabi and shiso. Wow! One of my favorite items on the menu…think Japanese Bacon on crack…While fairly full we ordered up the Hot Tuna sushi roll that had a multi spiced chilled sauce (that again was different then any spicy tuna I’ve had before and great) and a Eel Cucumber roll topped with black and white sesame seeds.

All in all a great meal filled with twists on the familiar and some outright new taste sensations plus a great cocktail menu. Looking to take someone somewhere different from what they always get everywhere…head on over to Sen NY.

Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY Sen NY

Sen NY is located at 12. West 21st Street


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