Black&White,Red&White Cookies

I caught up with a bud who works in the Google building recently and though we usually would hit Chelsea Market for coffee I needed to jump on the 1 train so we stayed on the 8th Ave side. Not sure where to go and immediately shooting down the place that is on every other block I saw across the street Empire Cake figuring they would have coffee.

Oh they did…and they also had trays and trays of Black and White cookies, Red and White(which I’ve never seen before) cookies, cupcakes, layer cakes, chocolate chip cookies, Russian tea cookies, alfajores, linzer tarts, and Sno Balls…! My eyes were popping out of my head while I was having what can be best described as a Pavlovian response…

I wanted the Sno-ball but decided to be good and got a mid sized Red(as in Red Velvet) and White cookie which was outrageous. The best I’ve ever had. It was so fresh and the frosting…I’m at a loss of words. My bud loves peanut butter and raved how good the Peanut Butter cookies were. I’m heading back to try the Sno-Ball and possibly some Black and White and Red and Whites for the family Father’s Day/Birthday’s BBQ this weekend.

Sno-Balls Empire Cake Cookies

Empire Cake is located at 112 8th Avenue


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