On my way to catch the bus uptown I catch out of my peripheral vision…Macaron Parlour. I head down the stairs to check out what they have.  I love these French cookie like pastries and when I saw the  selection they offer… flavors 20+…that range from your standard pistachio, lemon, and hazelnut to some very electric yet extremely well executed delicious flavors. Not sure how a French pastry chef would feel about some of these…but I thought they were outrageous.

I had the Party Time-Salted Chocolate with  Dulce Con Leche, The Elvis-Peanut Butter and Banana, and the Bacon Maple …with pieces of Bacon:)! Every one of them tasted exactly like the flavor as described. They totally captured the essence of these flavors by using fresh and natural ingredients.  In addition to the macarons they have Brownies , Cookies, and Macaroon Ice cream Sandwiches (have to get one of these) Wash it down with a Blue Bottle coffee or Hot chocolate.

Macaron Parlour 111 St Marks Place


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