Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time for some of my favorite things…the Beach, Bikini’s, BBQ, and Ice Cream…be it Bacon flavored or loaded with Blueberries. More on that in a moment…I was that kid who embarrassed the hell out of his poor Mother when the Ice Cream truck came by and I screamed…at the top of my lungs “the Ice Cream %$&k! The kid who licked his bowl of ice cream clean(still do)…I love Ice Cream. Plain vanilla I am not…I’ve always had a thing for different flavors…so when I read about Oddfellows and their rather creative flavors like Chorizo Caramel…Sorbet’s infused in Lavender…with Bacon…I had to go get me some.

Looking at their assortment of flavors I couldn’t  decide which I wanted. The good and bad is…they will let…actually let me rephrase that…encourage you to try their flavors. Now some are basic as in Sweet Cream, Chocolate Chunk,…then move into Buttermilk Blueberry(loaded with blueberries),Cornbread…then leap in a single bound into Chorizo Caramel and Maple-Bacon-Pecan. I wanted all of them…but went with the Chorizo Caramel(while it sounds crazy…it totally works) and the Buttermilk Blueberry. They complimented each other well. Now I need to go back for the Maple Bacon with a side scoop of Cornbread…or maybe one of their Sorbets…I wonder if they do sundae’s…?

Of note, everything is homemade, organic and I believe locally sourced. Nothing artificial is used…which is why all the flavors taste so fresh and spot on. I also met one of the owners Mohan who was very gregarious and excited about his product. He should be…I sure am:)

Oddfellows Oddfellows

Oddfellows is located at 175 Kent in Wiiliamsburg


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