Summer Gear

    I’m sitting by my pool reading an article on Summer Gear for under $50 from a certain high end mag…I found it lacking. Yes the economy is lousy…but for $50-75 you can find plenty without going to Taerjaa. Here is my list of Summer time gear for day-time activities

Havianas Flip Flops $20. The Brazilians do beach better then anyone…perfect for beach or pool

Volley and Superga sneakers $50-65. From Oz and Italy…styling and comfy sneakers. My 9 yr old Niece has approved both brands as “Cool”Need I say more?

Sperry Topsider boat shoes. From the beach to the bar or BBQ … Perfect $75

Quicksilver Cargo Shorts -Where else are you going to put your keys, glasses, wallet, etc…your purse*? $50+

*Pool Purse…aka “Tote Bag” but face it…it’s a pool purse and yes I look mas macho with my Aqua “tote”. Baggu $25

Swim trunks – Saturdays, Sand Box, Britches, and your usual suspect surf brands. $50-75

If you want to splurge on one item on this list…being that it is Summer and either you have burned off your baby fat or have a very phat wallet…here are some suggestions. For the $100-150 range check out Onia, Aether and Sundeck. Want to go bananas…$150+ Villebrequin and Orlebar Brown. Of note, most of this swimsuits do not have an elastic waist band so will last “long time” and are tailored with pockets so you can go from the beach, pool or yacht right to the restaurant, bar, House party without changing or bothering with shorts…how much is that worth playa?

Short sleeve bottom down shirts, Lost, Quicksilver-Sometimes you need something with a collar other then a polo. These wont break the bank at $50

T-Shirts –James Perse ,Vince,and Tommy Bahama, Tired of the same old colors? Want a blue other then Navy or Light…can’t get the girl with the cornflower blue or blue- green eyes out of your head…these companies beautifully colored, washed, and cut T’s for  $45

Sweatshirts and Hoody’s for when it’s cool. Patagonia and Quicksilver, American Apparel. $50-75

Stripped and flower print beach towels …any local surf or beach gear shop $20

Flippers -for ocean swimming. Da Fin’s go for $68 and are available at Pilgrim Surf and Supply and other fine surf shops

Sunglasses – I need prescription lens…so Warby Parker’s for under $150 is as low as I can go…plus cheap sunglasses may be a great song…but not so good for your eyes…

Goggles -for pool swimming. Paragon has a great selection $35 and up

Water-Proof Watch- Rolex, Panerai,Omega,Tag Heuer, Hublot and Luminox. All have water-proof watches. What…you couldn’t find any in the $50-75 range?Oddly enough either could I.

Suntan lotion- Kiehl’s It’s 30SPF and It’s water resistant.$20.

Aloe Vera for after –Panama Jacks...Ricky’s and some Drugstores/Supermarkets carry it. $15

You may have noticed socks and briefs/boxers were not mentioned…it’s a Gear guide not men’s lingerie guide. Also no long pants , long sleeves or jackets. Not saying you can’t find them…but for under $75 I couldn’t think of any and I only recommended gear I know…


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