Pilgrim Surf+Supply

I did a piece back in the fall on North 3rd St and all the great spots on it including Pilgrim Surf+Supply. I’ve been back a number of times since I think it’s a really cool surf shop. Pilgrim Surf+Supply looks like it belongs in Hawaii or at least by a beach with surf-able waves in LI or NJ, but it’s in Williamsburg. The left wall is wall to wall short and long boards. The gear is high end and the threads are from places like Norse Projects, Armor Lux, and M.Nii. Mahaka. Along with Fins, wax, etc  for your boards they carry an interesting mix of coffee table books that include not only surf books but books on Bossa Nova…which I guess makes sense they are always playing cool music. Plus the place gets a rather eccentric crowd ranging from grungy hipster surfers getting gear to beautiful Australian girls buying Vans and Beach towels…

For me, this day it was Da Fin’s ($68) that I swung by for.I saw their cool looking short flippers back in the Spring which was too early to get them, then they sold out and were on order for a while and sold out again…till finally a new shipment came in. What attracted me to them was how short they were. I wanted a pair for swimming and snorkeling that I could fit in a backpack. They come in a number of solid colors and with color dipped tips. I tried on the black with red dips since I figured this way I’ll never have to worry about mixing them up with someone else. I noticed two things immediately. They went on real easy, I just bent my leg up and pulled each on standing and I was able to walk around in them. Normally it’s hell for me to pull on a pair and I walk like a spastic duck. I was even told you can run in them(they are made for lifeguards) I’m psyched to take them for a spin in my pool to get a feel for them and then out to the beach for some real action…

Da Fin

Pilgrim Surf+Supply is located at 68 North 3rd 


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