It is beyond brutal out there heat wise and a friend of mine suggested I put together a quick and simple list of things to do to beat the heat. So here’s a mix of things to do and places to go along with music to run through your head to stay frosty…

Hot Time Summer In The City segue to Heat Wave

City Pools – These places generally have pool parties, are open to guests and sell passes to the masses…at a premium.

Dream Hotel
Soho House –
Invite only through members
The Churchill
– Ultra-exclusive and only for those in the know and in tight with members of the club. Good luck. Also has a Private Botanical Garden.

If you can’t jump into some liquid to cool down…pour some down your throat…


100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

Standard Beer Garden
Radegast Hall & Biergarten
Houston Hall
– Please note…I have not been here yet. It’s on my list of new to review
Tuttle’s– Believe it or not a medium sized and cool little beer garden in Murray Hill

Bonus:) For the home I like Six Points Apollo, and 1st Amendment Hell or Highwater Watermelon Wheat. Both come in cans…thus rooftop friendly:)


Tequila…as sung by Pee Wee Herman

My favorite spots for a frozen or on the rocks are

Fonda – Get the Rosarita
Cantina Royale – They serve them by the pint on the rocks!
Poco – Great variety of spicy and sweet…as are the ladies who work there:)
Casa Mezcal – Lots of great twists and tasty flavored salt rims
Barrio Chino – If you’re brave and crazy get the Grapefruit Habanero…otherwise try one of the others
Cafe Habana – They make a frozen half Marg/half Mojito which is great

G&T’s -See upcoming blog…but in the meantime to learn how to make a proper one go to Gin Palace or next door to Amor y Amargo. While you can get them anywhere I’m into making them at home. Buy good quality tonic like Fever Tree or Q Tonic. Your favorite Gin…I’m enjoying Hendricks and Brokers lately and pick up some bitters from Astor Place. My current  faves are Bitterman’s Burlesque(Hibiscus, Hella Bitters Ctrus, and Bar Keep Lavendar

I’m Your Ice Cream Man…

Ice Cream!!! I Scream $%ck!!!! Does it ever get old…Nope:)

Van Leeuwen
Sundaes and Cones

il laboratorio del gelato

Summer Loving – I can’t sing…yet with a few beverages and the right female back-up singers this one I used to on occasion

Cool Hotel Spaces
– Grab an ice coffee or drink in one of these cool hotel lobbies for some great people watching in cool spaces

Ace Hotel
Pod Hotel

What to Eat– Stay light with Seafood, Greek, Sushi and the like. Thai and Vietnamese are good too…

Pour Some Sugar on Me – it has food in the title…

Greek –Ammos, Kefalonia, Yepsi, Avra, Raffina, Ethos, Barbounia

Seafood –Mermaid Inn, Aquagrill, Lobster Place, Luke’s Lobster Roll, Fish

Sushi –Kanoyama, Yama, Sen, Nomado 33,

Thai and Vietnamese- Bonus section! Fill in your favorites:)

Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach segue into Under the Boardwalk

Get out!!! Seriously get out for the day, night, weekend…just get out…

Long Beach via the LIRR
Longbranch-Sandy Hook via the Sunstreak
Rockaway Beach via the A
Hamptons via the Jitty
Fire Island from the Ferry
Your family, friends,lovers, person you just met pool or boat…Yes my friends with boats…where is my official invite:)

Hopefully this keeps you busy…also you can go to a big action 2hr+ flick. I loved Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and Star Trek Into Darkness…


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