Ammos Estiatorio is another one of my former spots that I was a regular at when I worked in midtown. it’s been a while and after eating here the other day I realized how much I missed the place. I caught up with a friend that I used to with over fresh out of the water and onto the grill Octopus Salad and the Eggplant spread (can’t really  call it babaganoush it was too chunky, but in a good way) discussing life, work, relationships, etc

For our main course we shared the Whole Red Snapper (priced by the pound ) that was locally sourced. It was simply grilled with olive oil ,lemon and herbs…simply delicious. It’s fish like this that reminds one that often times its the simple things in life that please the most versus the overly complex. Same with the Lemon potato’s which really had the lemon flavor infused into them. Please note they have a great prix fixe for $33 that includes a choice of appetizers, main course, and desert. This is a great place to get out of the heat, eat nice and light while if even for a brief period feel like you’ve been transported to Greece for a great meal.

IMG_1991 IMG_1987 IMG_1988

Ammos Estiatorio is located at 52 Vanderbilt Avenue


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