Lamb Shoulder

    I’ve been to Salvation Taco a number if times for lunch and recently finally got around to hitting it for dinner Even on a slow Summer evening this place was buzzing in the restaurant, back bar/lounge area and I heard the rooftop was packed. I was here when they first opened and only had a few tacos and torta’s…so I was really looking forward to trying some of the new stuff on the expanded menu. My bud started off with the Beef Chili on my recommendation and I gave the Deviled eggs and Verde Chorizo hand pie a try. The chile is all beef no beans with some heat to it and received a thumbs up. The Deviled eggs were very tasty…though they had very little jalapeno or chorizo in them as advertised. The Hand Pie on the other hand was deceiving. I expected an Ozzie styled meat pie but a small puff pastry showed up. Thing was it was packed with spicy tomatillo Chorizo. File it under “good things come in small packages”.

For our main course we shared the Lamb shoulder from the “family style” section of the menu. They say it serves 3-4…but that kinda depends on the size of your party in question…as in it may feed 4 petite girls…but for hungry guys 2. It was a good sized chunk of meat covered in fresh mint cooked to almost falling off the bone. It came with a refreshing mint and cucumber salsa and some crema to slap on top of the moist meat and roll into a corn taco. I washed my meal down with a GreenPoint Harbor Devils Plaything IPA . Please note they put a slice of jalapeno in the beer instead of lime…it works and I like heat but if you don’t like heat tell them you want a lime. Salvation Taco is a great spot in the neighborhood for lunch,dinner, or a night out.

IMG_1990 IMG_1985 IMG_1983

Salvation Taco is located in the Pod Hotel at East 39th Street


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