Pork Your Melon's

As I was heading down N7th to grab lunch at Smorgasburg I passed by Brooklyn Flea and espied  an Ice Cart with the words Ice & Vice on it. Next to it was a chalkboard with some rather interesting flavors. Burning Love caught my eye. I took a taste and it tasted as described…Chocolate imbued with smoked Hickory with hints of heat from Szechuan Peppers. Since it tasted as promised, I promised to return after I ate lunch.

When I returned they offered me tastes of the other flavors (see pic of board) but Burning Love had my name in it. The Vice guys then asked if I was on FaceBook and when I replied yes, offered me a free scoop of their newest flavor Pork Your Melons to Like them(not sure how often they do this) which was Honeydew Ice Cream with Prosciutto Chips and White Balsamic….crazy as it sounded…it  tasted great and once again nailed the flavors of the individual ingredients while blending together for a unique taste sensation. . Scoops are $4 and all their flavors are creative combinations that I am told take a lot of research and trial and error. Perfecting ice cream is a tough job but someones got to do it…

Ice & Vice

Check them out at @iceandvice for locations daily 


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