After hitting the Brooklyn Art Library to do some research on the  SketchbookProject I’m working on I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat. Sandwich, Mexican, Fried Chicken…then the sun came out and I remembered that the Brooklyn Flea Market on Sundays has a Smorgasburg section. I headed over grabbed a cold brew coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company  and saw Cemita. Now I’ve been eating Torta’s (Mexican style sandwiches Gringo’s) for a while and I love them…but the Cemita seemed to have a lot more ingredients and layers to it…kinda reminded me of an Italian “Godfather” hero with the works.

The Cemita only one meat…but about 10 other ingredients including Oaxacan cheese(similar to mozzarella) avocado, a cilantro like green, black bean spread etc(see pic for full ingredient list) that blend together wonderfully providing crunchy, salty, spicy, creamy all within one bite. For the protein you choose between Carnitas(Pork gringo’s…seriously someone on line while I was there asked what it was) Angus Barbacoa(they asked about at as well)= beef, Chicken Tinga and Southern Fried Chicken. Whoa, Fried Chicken…and it was awesome? Oh yes it was perfectly fried, greaseless, well seasoned and juicy.  I topped one half with the green salsa and the other with the their red. This is a huge filling sandwich and perfect to share as you make your way around.  Another grand slam hit at Smorgasburg. Hopefully they open up a “brick ‘n mortar” in NYC…

Cemita Board

Cemita is located at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg


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