Perk Kafe

This neighborhood so needed a coffee joint like Perk Kafe. It’s small and rustic looking in more if a cute cozy kinda way
with a communal wooden table, stools by the windows ledge and wooden and brick walls. They serve Stumptown some of my favorite coffee and you can buy bags of beans to go. Their menu has the usual suspects of coffee along with cold brewed coffee and some cold drinks. They have delicious Baked goods they get from two bakeries…one a very high end place in Soho. I had the Almond Chocolate Croissant with a cup of drip. The croissant was amazing with very rich chocolate in it. The Coffee was Stumptown which as stated I love. If you get it in house they serve it in a small ceramic mug and you get a free refill. Perk Kafe has a punch card…I’ll be filling mine up.  Perk Cafe is a great and much needed addition to Murray Hill’s improving culinary scene.

Perk Cafe is located at 162 East 37th Street


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