OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALately I’ve been craving Fried Chicken. Since I was catching up for a late brunch with my cousin I decided it was more time for chicken then the egg so we met up at Sweet Chick.  While trying to decide between Press Pot Coffee or a cocktail  I saw a Bloody Mary in a mason jar with a slab of bacon lying across it…blown away by the Peter Lugar sized slab of bacon we decided to go with the B Mary.  It was a great Bloody Mary with lots of horseradish and rather spicy which i like… actually one of the best I’ve had recently. Did I mention it was topped with a slab of bacon…

I came here  to check out the Fried chicken, so I ordered it with waffles (at night you can choose between 3 flavors of waffles). The Fried Chicken was great…perfectly seasoned, fried and greaseless ..but the waffles were even better. I couldn’t believe how light and sweet they were. My Cousin ordered the Pulled Pork Hash that came with a with a cherry tomato salsa. The cast iron pan it was served in was loaded with smokey tasty pork sitting on top of fingerling potatoes. Deserts looked good but well sated decided to save trying them for another day. Service wise Jennyfur our waitress more then lived up to the restaurants name…and yes that is how it’s spelled on her birth certificate.

I came back for a late lunch recently and had the Fried Chicken sandwich topped with pickled red onions and coleslaw. It comes with shoestring fries or a salad plus a free beer or soda. I was starving so went with the fries…though I’m not usually a fan of the shoestring variety these were exceptional due to their seasoning. The sandwich had a nice thick fried chicken breast on it….again excellent. This sandwich goes on my best sandwich list. Oh don’t forget to pour some of the spicy honey on your sandwich…mmmmm….good.


Sweet Chick is located at 164 Bedford Ave


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