They say that three times is the charm…well I just finished up last night PORTRAIT & FIGURE DRAWING/PAINTING LEVEL II  at The Art Studio NY. As with my previous classes each class started off with a lesson, though this one was more focused and somewhat more geared towards what I was looking for. We covered the scale of the human body, facial proportions, hands and feet(hands are very difficult) shadowing, and negative space(see samples in pics). The lessons are brief and we didn’t do exercises per se, but incorporated them into our projects.

Medium wise you can use whatever materials you want, pencil, chalk, paint, etc…Most of my classmates used chalk and pencil while I started the first few classes sketching the model trying to incorporate the lessons and then started working on my paintings(the lead photo “She’s Hot” is finished, Olga and Red are in progress). We had female nude models in the first few classes and the last two male. What I found hysterical was the girls in the class describing the last model and pose as if it were from a Playgirl magazine circa the 70’s which was rather funny since I’m pretty sure they were all born at the earliest in the 80’s. Also discussing the challenge in finding on-line sites that are not porn for figures to draw. Photoshoot on FB is great for the female form though the majority are not nude. As for dudes, sorry I can’t help…unless you want to draw me:)

Jake our instructor is very hands on and it was during the one on one time I got the most out of the help I needed with painting techniques. I would like to see a class more focused on painting the human form..subtle hint-hint:). One thing I did notice as Jake made his way around the class was not only offering encouragement and advice but suggesting to one to push one’s limits. To not be afraid to try something different. Like most things in life…the arts require trial and error. Often times you have to step back to move forward. A number of times I liked where a painting was going and then at the end of class I looked at it and though what the hell did I just do to it?!? Only to find the next time that picture had moved forward and that the mistakes were part of the journey. Having said that I will leave you with this quote that I just came upon…

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
– Vincent van Gogh



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  1. I’m so happy that you are enjoying your art classes at The Art Studio NY. Your artwork has developed so much, I can’t wait to see more!

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